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Tate A. for Tinsel Tokyo

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Wildfire Music Video by Borgous

Watch our girl Constance N. in the new video Wildfire by Borgeous

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Doo Doo's Revenge

Jabari Flanagan in Doo Doo's Revenge trailer.

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Super Fun Night

Anastasia Pimenov as Little Kimmy

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Sharp Magazine


Chris Rodgers

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Gun Oil Commercial


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LA Fashion Magazine


Envy's Sviatlana S.
Photography By: Catherine Asanov
Makeup: Heiddis Ros Reynisdottir
Hair: Cantrell Mitchell
Nail Artist: Elisa Wishan
Wardrobe: Stylist Ayanna James
Sunglasses: Cateye Spectacles

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Las Vegas Weekly


EIGHT page beauty feature! Photographer: Robert Kley, Stylist Nicole Chandler, Hair, Makeup (using MAC Cosmetics) and Creative Direction by #SarahBarkerArtistry, Hair and Makeup Assistance Stanley Nolan, Art Direction Dany Haniff, ENVY MODELS : Sarah Smith and Dylan Marlow
Spring fashion: Don’t just smell the flowers, wear them!

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Runway Magazine Behind the Scenes

Sarah, Bridgham, Melissa, Ryan, Kennen and Jonathan

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Lady Gaga G.U.Y Music Video

Kennen, Alvaro, Elvis, Alejandro and TJ

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